Installation of portable classroom buildings, connection of portables to new and existing utilities,site improvements and installation of site furnishings.

The work included:

Fire lane and ramp transition landings at grade; demolition/excavation as required to construct new paving; sewer domestic water, electrical & fire alarm connection to portables; installation of low voltage conduits (limited WAN/LAN conduits), security cameras, intrusion alarms, Comcast and AT&T, as required for a complete installation; installation of perimeter chain link fencing (fencing includes both footing and post driven chain link fence and gates); furnishing and installation of electrical connection including conduit and overhead cabling/ wiring to service side of distribution panel; coordination with conformed survey of site for the building pads, portable stub outs, benchmarks and building corners; furnishing and installation of temporary fencing as required during construction; furnishing of lock cylinder and transitional housing keying to match WCCUSD Standard; installation and coordination with District to provide paper towel dispenser and soap dispenser; installation of shade structures; installation of concrete retaining walls and walkways.

Project Description